Dense Breasts FAQ

Have you been told you have (or suspect you may have) dense breasts?  What does this mean with regard to cancer risks and mammograms?

We’ve gathered a few helpful resources to answer your questions:

Find answers to the questions below fom the National Cancer Institute here:

  • What are dense breasts?
  • Are dense breasts common?
  • What factors influence breast density
  • How do I know if I have dense breasts?
  • How is breast density categorized in a mammogram report?
  • Does having dense breast tissue affect a mammogram?
  • Are dense breasts a risk factor for breast cancer?
  • Should women with dense breasts have additional screening for breast cancer?
  • Are breast cancer patients with dense breasts more likely to die from breast cancer?
  • Questions to consider asking your doctor or nurse if you have dense breasts
  • Are there clinical trials for women with dense breasts?
  • What are researchers studying about the relationship between breast density and breast cancer?

Get the Dense Breasts Q&A Guide from the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

From the Mayo Clinic: What does it mean to have dense breast tissue 

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