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Herd immunity and measles: why we should aim for 100% vaccination coverage

The measles outbreak traced back to Disneyland has spread to eight states, with as many as 95 cases reported by January 28. Media outlets are highlighting the rise of anti-vaccination sentiments. Scientists are expressing their dismay at people who reject sound medical advice and put their families and communities in harm’s way. Measles was considered eliminated in the United States […]

Influenza and Why I Should Get My Shot

Article Featured on MUSC Health The influenza season starts now (Fall – October) and runs into the Spring (May). It peaks in January and February but right now is the time to get this year’s flu shot. The reason is that the shot works by revving up antibodies to attack the virus when you are […]

Seasonal Allergies: Nip them in the Bud

Seasonal allergies — also called hay fever and allergic rhinitis — can make you miserable. But before you settle for plastic flowers and artificial turf, try these simple strategies to keep seasonal allergies under control.